Neha Kakkar apologises for her detractors after Falguni Pathak makes fun of her

Hyderabad (Telangana): Falguni Pathak and Neha Kakkar engaged in a verbal brawl over the O Sajna song rendition. Neha is currently facing backlash on social media for covering the well-known song Maine Payal Hai by Falguni. Neha responded by saying she felt “sad” for those who envy her success and that Falguni also plans to sue her.

Neha used Instagram stories to intimidate her detractors. “I feel bad for those who are unhappy seeing how happy and successful I am. Bechaare. Please keep leaving comments. I won’t get rid of them. Because I am aware that Neha Kakkar is well-known, “The singer for Kala Chashma wrote.

Neha made her remark when Falguni said she wanted to sue her but couldn’t because the legal rights belong to the record company T-Series. The original song, which was first released in 1999, is beloved by her fans, the 53-year-old singer told a webloid.

Falguni stated, “I felt overwhelmed and touched to receive so much love for the song from people all over, so I wanted to convey their thoughts. Falguni further mentioned that she was not contacted by the O Sajna, Kakkar’s rendition of the song, producers.

Falguni reposted a social media post from one of her fans pleading with her to sue Kakkar. When questioned about whether or not she intended to pursue legal action, Falguni responded, “I wish I could but the rights are not with me.” Falguni responded, “No,” when questioned further about if the producers or Kakkar tried to contact her after watching her Instagram tales.

Actor Vivan Bhatena and Nikhila Palat were featured in the original song, which was published in 1999. In a college festival, the song was performed as a puppet show. The song was a huge success. Recently, the updated version was unveiled. The music video for O Sajna features Dhanashree Verma and Priyank Sharma. O Sajna was written by Tanishk Bagchi, who is renowned for reinterpreting classic Hindi songs.





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