On the first day of Navratri, the price of gold and silver drops; see current price


New Delhi: On the first day of Navratri 2022, gold prices experienced a modest drop. On the Multi Commodity Exchange, yellow metal is being sold for less than Rs 50,000. (MCX).


On the commodity platform, Silver is selling at a level of Rs 55567 per KG, while Gold is trading at Rs 49388 per 10 kilos on the MCX.


Gold that is 22 carats is currently selling for Rs 46,000 every 10 grammes. The cost of 24 karat gold was also declining at the same time. Gold that was 24 carats thick cost Rs. 50,200.

Here is the current, estimated pricing for 22-karat gold on September 26, 2022. (except GST, TCS, and other levies)

Chennai : Rs 46,510

Mumbai : Rs 46,000

Delhi : Rs 46,150

Kolkata : Rs 46,000

Bangalore : Rs 46,050

Hyderabad : Rs 46,000

Kerala : Rs 46,000

Ahmedabad : Rs 46,050

Jaipur : Rs 46,150

Lucknow : Rs 46,150

Patna : Rs 46,030

Chandigarh : Rs 46,150

Bhubaneswar : Rs 46,000

Due to a drop in the price of precious metals globally, the price of gold in the nation’s capital decreased by Rs 139 on Friday to Rs 50,326 per 10 kilos, according to a PTI report. The price of 10 grammes of yellow gold in the last exchange was Rs 50,465. Additionally, silver prices dropped significantly by Rs 363 to Rs 58,366 per kilogramme from Rs 58,729 per kilogramme in the previous trading.

(Disclaimer: The prices are merely estimates obtained from a range of sources. Before investing or buying, you must consult with your jeweller about the pricing.)


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