Priyanka Chopra’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly, “All is not well in our planet,”

New York : Priyanka Chopra Jones, an actress and producer, stated during an address at the United Nations General Assembly in New York that “all is not well in our planet.” Priyanka posted a number of images and videos from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) event at the UN General Assembly on Instagram.

The actress stated that there are only eight years left to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals on this occasion (SDGs). In her speech, Priyanka Chopra stated that everyone has the right to a “safe and healthy world,” but that only “global solidarity” can make this dream a reality.

The Quantico actress emphasised “some of the world’s most serious concerns, including as the Covid-19 pandemic, the environmental crisis, and poverty” in her introductory remarks at the 2022 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) moment at the United Nations General Assembly.

“Today we convene at a critical moment in our planet, when we need global solidarity the most,” Priyanka Chopra remarked in her address to the UN. The Covid-19 pandemic, a climate disaster that has an impact on lives and livelihoods, has had terrible impacts on many nations that are still being felt today. Our world’s foundation is being undermined by conflict, poverty, hunger, and inequality, all of which we have been battling for a very long time.

The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador remarked that “everything is not right in our planet.” Of course, these difficulties weren’t sudden, but we can find a prepared solution, Priyanka remarked. With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we have that plan and can make the world a better place.

The goals “offer an exceptional opportunity to improve the world we live in,” he continued. “These goals were formed in 2015 in conjunction with people throughout the world.

He stressed that the Sustainable Development Goals’ completion date is drawing near. The world’s present and future are in our control, according to Priyanka.

During her statement, the 40-year-old actress stated that “we owe it to our people and to our earth.” We have a limited amount of time, but we all deserve a safe and healthy world. To accomplish these objectives, we have until 2030. These leaders, who signed these goals in 2015, are our representatives, and with everyone’s help, they can make this plan a reality. As a result, today is the day to understand your acts and your purpose, but it also provides us hope. The topic of today is what must be done in order for us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.





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